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Fire Hoses

Controlled Percolating hoses, RRL Hoses, EPDM Lined hoses, Three layered hoses, Four layered hoses, Double jacked hoses, High pressure hoses.

Specialty Nozzle

Neulite, Fast Action Nozzle, Aqua Jet, Super Fire, Hand Control Branch Pipe.

Special Equipments

Smoke Extractor Smoke Generator, DCP filling machine, turbo pump, ejector pump, water pumps driven by petrol / diesel engine etc.


Hydrant Valve, Pressure Reducing valves, Underground Hydrant Valves, etc

Misc Equipments

Hose Washing Machine, Hose Drying Mast, Hose Ramp, Hose Holder, Hand Operated Siren, Hose Binding Machine, etc.

Foam Equipments

Inline Inductor, Foam Branch pipes, Foam Generators, etc.

Branch Pipes / Nozzles

Branch Pipe Short, Long, Universal, Triple Purpose, Fog, Revolving, etc.


Water and water cum foam monitors, long range monitors up to 4000 GPM Capacity with high volume, Hydro Foam Nozzle.

Personal Protective Equipment

Inline Inductor, Foam Branch pipes, Foam Generators, etc.